Top 10 fastest rapper in nigeria

Pulse music, the repository of all things music, have dug deep into the game, and we have the best 5 verses that stand tall and proud in the midst of all these in 2015, one of the hardest conversations to have in hip-hop was the rise of indigenous rap music being projected by the 'local rappers' trio of. The hip-hop and rap culture has seeped into the african terrain over the years some great musicians from the continent have put africa on the global market with their unique skills and fusion of african languages and culture into their rap it is common now to see african hiphop artistes deliver heavy. Igbo rap is solid stuff and it has come a long way we must recognize the top 10 igbo rappers who have made impact in the nigerian music scene. We are only halfway through the year, and the continent is jamming to some of the best hip-hop tunes from west africa, especially ghana and nigeria from the airwaves in accra m dot features one of ghana's fastest emerging artists, rapper and producer worlasi, on the track the chorus is easy to sing. According to a social media report, a protest has broken out in ota, ogun state due to segun adewole april 24, 2018 read more coca cola products are made with best technology nbc takes bloggers on a tour so a few weeks ago, the nigerian bottling company (nbc), makers of coke, fanta, sprite.

It was a pretty good secondary-language burn) mhd's stage was crowded with friends and well-wishers, some of whom were recognizable from his videos, all of which have youtube numbers in the tens of millions he was a couple of nights into his first-ever american tour, and for a french rapper — for. Who is the best rapper of 2017 top 10 best rappers in nigeria 2017. Olamide-best-rapper-in-nigeria we have taken our time to list those nigerian artist that raps fast believe you me these top 10 are the best in what they do and in fact they are even rich, winning awards and nominations on a yearly basis here are nigeria's fastest rappers currently this 2018. Upcoming shows include douala, cameroon on 22nd march, nairobi, kenya on 10th may, and a discussion forum in johannesburg, south africa on 20th june, with a live show to boy tag is the kind of rapper whose technical skills have people regularly labeling him the fastest rapper in cameroon.

Top 10 most powerful & best rappers in africa 2015 [sarkodie is #5, guess who is #1] from the hype of the east coast-west coast rivalry that shadowed the murders of rappers tupac shakur and notorious big rap, like this list is largely made up of nigerian, ghana and south african rappers. Answered dec 16, 2016 author has 561 answers and 327k answer views well, the nature of such a list is subjective & is coloured by the listener's proclivities but my top 10 in no particular order are tupac notorious big nas jay z eminem ti krs one eric sermon busta rhymes mi (nigerian rapper.

Dj ab (abba) is a producer, rapper and a singer based in kaduna nigeria ( typical hausaboy) he is a singer of 'yarannorthside entertainment company' and owns an audio/visual studio called ynsstudios in kaduna which was established as a family venture he's no doubt one of the fastest rising. Sarkodie who raps mostly in twi, his native language bagged several awards and nominations including five major awards at the 2010 ghana music awards for the debut album 'makye' including the artiste of the year, discovery of the year, hiphop/hiplife artiste of the year, best rapper of the year,. 10 richest rappers under 30 | these rappers have a bright future ahead, not to mention the net worth they have backing up their careers read the article the first to start the list of richest rappers under 30 is the famous tinie tempah, the english rapper, who was born from nigerian parents. We bring you a top 10 list of the most popular nigerian musician within and outside the country 10 flavour top 10 most popular nigerian musicians mr n'abania who has become one of the fastest rising acts in the industry flavour is popularly known across africa and the world for his hit song “nwa.

Top 10 fastest rapper in nigeria

Mtv news rounds up 15 rappers who kill it in other languages whether it's about having a good time, or little kids in the poor brazilian city of maracanã, emis can rap about anything and make it an italian hit english interpretation: dreaming to take the field/ while the god of soccer watches from above.

Truth is it takes lot of hard work to compose, write and produce songs despite the various challenges involved, these individuals are still able to make impact and produce sensational, awe-inspiring and highly entertaining hip-hop songs in this write-up, you will get to learn about the top 10 of all the rappers in nigeria today. Whether it's a sign of things to come we'll have to wait and see, but without too much long story let's get into the top 10 hottest rappers in nigeria based on released material in late 2013 into 2014 this is not a status ranking, but rather based on material put out in the past year the quality (wordplay, skill,.

Nigeria dominates the list with three artists in the top 10 the list features greats such as zimbabwe's oliver tuku mtukudzi who has 65 albums under his belt, south african great this is not at all surprising as the country is said to have the fastest growing entertainment and media industry on the continent. The nigerian section of these list made for some interesting viewing by giving an insight into what nigerians like to watch on youtube the top 10 videos ( excluding from major music labels) most viewed by nigerians this year include comedy skits by mark angel, coming in 3rd and 8th position, as well as. Ok, before anybody starts aiming guns at me, i didn't come up with this list ooooooh as the current trend is to start up controversy through a stupid list, prezplaynet which recently won the award for best music blog in the south east region decided to come out with the list of 10 most talented igbo rappers in. Best hip hop artists: explore african hip hop and get to know african rappers in the continent african hip hop is pidgin english he has major collaborations with nigerian artistes such as wizkid, mi, and ice prince etc though most times i can't understand what he's saying, he sounds pretty good to me.

Top 10 fastest rapper in nigeria
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